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How to start your Blog

Kim Kolb - Monday, October 12, 2009
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So you are ready to start blogging?  You have decided to do a very important piece to your online marketing strategy.

There are a few steps to help you in your posts and how to go about.

  1. The first thing you need to determine is what is your motive for wanting to create a blog? 
  2. What is the purpose of your blog? Blogs can be used to generator leads.  Blogs can also be used to generate great content.
  3. Who is your audience? Usually the audience is similar to the writer, with like interests.
  4. What do you want your readers to feel when they read your blog? Do you want to write to inspire, motivate, or cause an action?
  5. What is your goal for your blog? If your blog is a lead generator, then you should have clear steps to guide the reader to subscribe subscribe to your blog updates and/or get your lead generating content.
  6. How much time do you have to devote to your blog each week? Blogging is a commitment.   If you can’t commit to writing a lot of valuable content, then you’re doing yourself and your readers a disservice. Be honest. The most effective and successful blogs are those with fresh, new content posted at least two to three times per week. Is that reasonable for you to manage? Will you have others from your company blogging? 
  7. What’s your blog’s core message? This relates to the topic of your blog and the niche you are focused on. What do you want your readers to learn? Why should anyone read your blog, and more importantly why should they subscribe to and follow your blog? This is another key piece to get in place before you start your blog. 
  8. Create an editorial calendar. It’s no secret that content rules on a blog, so it’s helpful to have a content plan going into the game. A key element of a good blog is having a list of 7-10 keyword-rich categories. Once you determine the categories (or subtopics) of your blog, you can plan your content calendar. If you plan on posting three times per week, then plot out post ideas for each of your categories. Make a list of 5 topics for each category. Then, fill in your calendar. Five topics times ten categories and you’ve got 50 blog posts in the pipeline.
  9. Do your homework. Critical to your blog’s success is knowing your competition. Who is already blogging in your niche? What are they writing about? If blogs in your niche are scarce, this may be a great opportunity to dominate the search engines with your own content. Finding great blogs will take a bit of time and research. Start at and search for blogs using your keywords. Next use and to find the best of the best.
  10. Build your blog. You are now ready to start the fun part.  There are several blogging platforms available.  Choose the best that will work for you.

Blogging is actually a really fun thing to do.  Once you have the content then putting it together is the easy part.  Then stay on top of your posts by following your editorial calendar.  Remember the worse thing you can do to your blog is to NOT post anything.  


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